Original art

These are paintings I have created myself from start to finish.
A stone marker
A steam-powered wagon
A techno-mantic staff
A goblin face
A flat-ish world floating on an aetheric sea
A scrap of paper, a page from an ancient spellbook with some arcane notes.


These are images that were originally drawn by other artists that I then painted using Photoshop.

The following are all illustrations I did for the Midnight Realm book.
An Astromantic Globe, a nagigational device for traveling the astral plane.
Glass bottles, for the Zoab race who stick their long tongues down the necks of the bottle to drink.
Various coins of the Midnight Realm races.
A Demonward
A Demonward, different perspective.
An elemental staff
A deck of cards, called the Heirarchy Deck, played by Tarterans.
A Luminus, a crystal orb holding liquid, frozen fire. Used for light.
A moonblossom, a beautiful and deadly flower.
A wicked morningstar. Note the spikes... part of the Tarteran cultural style is to put wicked barbs on everything.
A map of the Midnight Realm. In the book it was shown in greyscale - a crime, if you ask me.
An onyx mirror, used to commune with spirits in the lower planes.
A shadowdagger, made out of graveyard metals.
Various shields, used by Tarterans and others.
A collection of soulstones, a universal trade good throughout the lower planes.
A spiritcatcher, used to catch wayward spirits, which are then bound in soulstones.
A tarteran sword and dagger, again note the barbs.
A magical tome, which never found its way into the book.
Tarteran wristblades, need I mention the barbs again?

Cover art

NuMetalCity - The cover of a DVD-album for a death metal band.
The cover of my book, Codex Magicus, for the Talislanta RPG.
The cover of the D20 version of the Midnight Realm book.

Photo Editing

A distant relative of mine, Ethan, and his young wife immediately after their first baby was born.

A much closer relative of mine... well, me to be exact. In my defense, I hadn't gotten much sleep the night before...
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