Some of the pages I've created that relate to roleplaying games.

Note that some of these are very, very old and represent my gradual progress in learning Photoshop and webpage design. Also, some of the mailto links are out of date.

A preview of the Midnight Realm book. This was created back before the book was published, but we put so much into the site that it's a shame to toss it now that it's out in stores.

My thoughts and observations on the 3rd edition of Dungeons & Dragons RPG. This includes a some new feats, some adventure campaigns, and assorted drek.

A collection of house rules for the 4th edition Talislanta RPG. Some of these may be incorporated into the 5th edition of the game. Only time will tell. =) Note that I was experimenting with some CSS that is unique to Internet Explorer and may not display correctly on other browsers.

The contents of this page were largely taken from the Unknown Armies rpg, but the advice and suggestions on How to be a game master were so excellent I had to share them with others.

Various pages for online games I have run in the past. These are really ancient, and they were partially done just so I could experiment with different webpage designs.

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