Birth of a Nova

The trauma of eruption is powerful, evoking physical, mental, and often spiritual changes in the individual.

When creating a character for Aberrant, first decide who he/she was before. A student at college? A parent with a spouse? A gangmember? Get some idea to build on now, so that when it comes time to spend points on attributes and skills the answers will come up immediatly.

Now that we've got a concept, let's make the character:


There are nine attributes in Aberrant. They are grouped into three categories; Physical, Mental, and Social. Decide which group will be your primary category, which will be your secondary, and which will be your tertiary.

Within each category there are three attributes:

In your primary category you have 10 points to distribute in each attribute. 1 is the minimum (below average), 2 is typical human average, and 5 is extreme, at the limits of normal human ability.

The secondary category gets 8 points, and the tertiary category gets 6 points.

Ok, let's bring up a character sheet so we can record our choices: (you may copy this into a text editor such as Notepad for your own use.)

Aberrant Character Sheet

  Age:    Gender: 

  STRENGTH:            PERCEPTION:          APPEARANCE: 
  Brawl:               Awareness:           Intimidation:
  Might:               Investigation:       Style:
  Athletics:            Academics:          Interrogation:
  Drive:               Bureaucracy:         Streetwise:
  Firearms:            Computer:            Subterfuge:
  Legerdemain:         Engineering:
  Martial Arts:        Intrusion:           CHARISMA: 
  Melee:               Linguistics:         Command:
  Pilot:               Medicine:            Etiquette: 
  Stealth:             Science:             Perform:
  Endurance:           WITS: 
  Resistance:          Arts: 


  Willpower points:

                   Walk   Run   Sprint
  Movement rates:  7 m

  Quantum Pool: 


  Aberrations (if any) :



Once you've recorded your nine attributes, you may spend 23 points on skills. No skill may be higher than 3 at this time. (Later we will have the option to spend other points to get 4 or 5 in a skill.)

If you want more than 23 points worth of skills, later on in character creation you'll have an opportunuty to get them.

Depending on how your Storyteller is starting the game, you may or may not start with 3 points in Endurance and Resistance. If your Storyteller is starting you already erupted as a nova, then you get the three points in both of those (representing a Nova's superior ability to withstand punishment.) If you are starting the game as a baseline and playing through your eruption in a prelude, then leave those off for now.


Now that we have skills chosen, let's pick backgrounds. You recieve 7 points to spend here, and any background can be 0 - 5 in rating. You may take some backgrounds that a baseline cannot have, such as Node or Eufiber, but remember that if you're starting the game as a baseline, those backgrounds won't come into play immediatly.

Don't worry if you want more than the 7 points can get. Later in character creation we'll get a chance to get more points.

The backgrounds are:

Willpower, Quantum, & Taint

You start with a Willpower of 3, and you will be able to increase it later during character creation. Your starting Willpower Points will be equal to your Willpower rating.

Your Initiative rating is your Dexterity + Wits.

Your running speed is Dex + 12m. Your sprinting speed is [Dex x 2] + 20m.

You begin with a Quantum rating of 1. Quantum represents your understanding of the energies your M-R node can manipulate. The higher your Quantum, the more powerful all of your powers will be, but also the more removed from humanity you will become.

You have a Quantum Pool as well. These are the points you spend to fuel your powers and abilities. You begin with 20 + (Quantum x2) in your Quantum Pool. So if you have a Quantum of 3, your Pool will be 26. Quantum Pool regenerates at the rate of 2 points per hour of rest, 4 points per hour of sleep. (Add your Node background to those numbers, if applicable.)

Your starting Taint is 0. Add +1 if your Quantum rating is 5. Add +1 for each Node rating you have above 2. Thus if you have a Node rating of 4, you will begin with a Taint of 2. You will also earn extra Taint if you choose to take some Nova powers or abilities at half cost, thus making them "tainted" powers.

The only way you will begin with any Aberrations is if your Tain score is 4 or higher. If your Taint ever reaches 10, your character is a monster, unable to even think like a human any more and probably not looking like one either. (Don't worry, though; most novas who reach 6 or 7 taint are hunted down and killed or locked away by Project Proteus long before then.)


You get 15 freebie points. These can be spent to fill in the gaps elsewhere on the character sheet.

Freebie points can purchase:

Your Nova powers and abilities

Now for the part that makes you Homo sapiens novus, your quantum powers.

You get 30 Nova points to spend. They can purchase:

Powers can be "improved" in various ways by taking extras. Extras include such things as "extended duration", "aggravated damage", "Area of effect", etc. Taking an extra for a power increases it's level by 1, so a level 1 power becomes level 2 (costing more Nova to purchase and more Quantum to use during the game.)

That's it. Leon "Leo" Hererra is finished, and so should your character by now.