Best Served Cold

The Players

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Episode 1: Grisly Meetings (August 7th, 2001)

Wherein a group of treasure-hunters in in Cymril get more than they bargained for, and two northerners meet amid death and blood.

Percient is an explorer who works freelance for the Snakeoil Dweomerium, a combination museum and salvage yard for ancient relics and enchanted items. He has come to the Velvet Spirit to meet with a Pharesian Peddler who told him three weeks ago that he could lay his hands on a black pearl known as the Eye of Mordante. Along on this meeting he has brought two associates of his, a pair of mercenary guards just in case things go awry. Magni the Thrall and Ara Basan the Gnomekin. Elona is a Dhuna Witch who has been tracking a pair of thieves who robbed a hidden shrine three weeks ago. They stole the Skull of Zyrus, a relic used in some of her coven's rites. Within the eyesocket of the skull was a black pearl. She suspects that the pearl is all the thieves wanted.

[GM] Pericent: You are sitting in the Velvet Spirit, a rather decrepit tavern in Cymril. The green crystal windows are filled with a black grime that all but blocks any light from outside. The air is heavy with various drugs and the stench of destitution. With you are your two friends, Magni the thrall and (Unknown) the gnomekin, two warriors who occasionally accompany you on this sort of thing. You're waiting for the greasy Pharesian, Caibal, to show up.

Pericent is a green skinned man of some height. He sits here in a dignified manner, light blue spangalor robe covering him from neck to toe. His face seems always to be smiling, his eyes always with a twinkle. He carries an iron-shod staff, about four feet in length and etched all over with arcane-looking runes, now rested along the table.

[GM] Around the room you see a number of patrons, most of whome appear to be in various stages of intoxication or drug-induced enervation.

Pericent taps his foot, wondering whether this peddler will have the nerve to show up.

[GM] The barkeep, a Zandir with a hook for a hand, moves around the room slowly, as though watching for deaths among his customers.

Magni` is a large humanoid without a strand of hair on his entire body. His skin is completely decorated with elaborate and colorful tattoos. He stares intently into the open space and occasionally grips the hilt of his greatsword, along with the other weapons that are fitted onto him with expert skill.

[GM] Elona: You are well-hidden in the corner. The shadows conceal you as well as the depths of the forest, yet allow you a fair view of the rest of the circular tavern.

Elona watches the unsavory Zandir surreptitiously from beneath lowered sooty lashes.

Magni scans the room

Elona` is a woman of olive complexion, standing about 5'4" tall, raven black hair cascading down her back in a straight fall. She leans upon a plain wooden staff clutched tightly in one hand..

Pericent soon finds his glass empty. "Barkeep! More aquavit, if you please."

[GM] The Zandir walks over slowly and says in a quiet voice "You pay first."

[Pericent] "How much is it, again?"

[GM] He looks you up and down, at your spangalor robe and obvious bodyguards. "Two lumen... for you... two lumen."

Elona notes the disturbance in the room, but chooses to discount it as an aristocrat being vociferous.

Pericent pulls out two lumens and a few silver pieces and presses them into the barkeep's good hand.

[GM] He examines the coins closely before he walks away. On the way to the bar he kicks one of the patrons who seems to have fallen to the floor.

Magni growls under his breath "Tell me again Pericent why I am here."

[Pericent] "Pharesians are notoriously mercurial, my large friend. I need you here to insure that things do not get out of hand."

Magni cracks his fingers and whispers "He probably has.....allies in these....cretens"

[Pericent] "There is not a man here who could best you, or our crystal-wielding friend over here." *smiles toward the gnomekin*

[Magni] "You are right, my friend, you are right."

Elona smirks.

Elona watches this interaction among the customers and barkeep with half an eye as she keeps her senses heightened to observe what else might come to pass..

[Magni] "How much for drink?"

[GM] The Zandir returns shortly, carrying a dirty flagon of something that might be aquavit. After pouring for Pericent he says to the Thrall "You pay what he pay. Two lumen."

Magni takes out two lumens and places them in the bartender's hand

[GM] As the barkeep walks away, the front door of the Velvet Spirit opens with a sound like a small explosion at it smacks into the wall behind it. A man stands there, leaning heavily against the door itself.

Magni spins his head slowly to view the door entrance

Elona looks up.. clutching her staff reflexively.

[GM] The Zandir snarls and says in a louder voice than usual "Watch it! You break, you pay!"

Pericent thinks that his Pharesian contact may have arrived, and turns to examine the situation.

Magni reaches down under the table casually for the hilt of his greatsword

[GM] The man in the doorway does not appear very threatening, really... shorter than average for a Cymrilian, he leans against the door like a drunkard... or a sorely wounded warrior.

Elona examines the man keenly from where she sits, looking for signs of damage..

Magni studies the man for battle wounds

[GM] His frame is thickly wrapped in materials of various type and hue, as though for haphazard protection from cold winds.

Pericent waves the man over to his table.

[GM] His face is hidden by two or three hoods, each worn one atop the other. He stares around the room as though having difficulty focusing his vision.

[GM] At Pericent's movement, he slowly pushes himself away from the door, allowing the tortured wood to return to it's fragile frame. His gait appears unsteady... but not like that of a drug-user. There's something simply *wrong* with it, as though his legs don't quite fit his body or each other.

Magni eyes the man suspicously

Elona follows the man's progress with concern..

[GM] He sits at the table, ignoring the two warriors. You can see his face now, or at least part of it. It's Caibal, the Pharesian you spoke with three weeks ago. He wheezes for several moments, as though unable to recover from the exertion of walking across the room.

[Pericent] "Ah, good to see you again, Caibal. Rough journey?"

[GM] He shakes his head, although if he's denying your question or simply trying to clear his thoughts, you cannot say. "Hell..." he whispers...

Elona seems to rivet her attention on the table of confederates, but keeps her eyes roving for signs of other movement in the vicinity..

Pericent wrinkles his brow. "Do you need help off with some of your things?" eyeballing the numerous wrappings around the man.

[GM] "I'm in Hell..." he says, as though repeating a mantra. As he speaks, you cannot refrain from pulling back at little at the stench of his breath.

Elona narrows her eyes a bit at this pronouncement, wondering what this man has subjected himself to..

[Pericent] "... so... do you have the item we discussed?"

[GM] With a whispered breath, he looks up and says "Oh god... you want it, mage?" The one eye you can see under the hood appears milky.

[Pericent] "I do, in fact."

[GM] He reaches into the folds of his cloak, pushing aside numerous layers of material.

Elona tenses a bit, wary of what the man might pull forth.

[GM] As he does this, a new stench reaches you from across the table... a foul reek that seems to leap at your nose and throat like a predator hungry for your lungs.

Magni takes a deep breath

Pericent covers his nose and mouth with his hand, trying not to cough and choke.

[GM] Magni: From your position you can see part of Caibal's chest now... it looks withered and dry, like a corpse found in a crypt.

Magni 's eyes grow wide

[GM] The Pharesian takes out a small, black pearl, about half the size of a human eyeball. The surface of the pearl is not smooth, though, but ridged and wrinkled.

Magni slowly removes his hand from the drinking glass and casually slides it under the table while Caibal is digging through his cloak, grasping onto his greatsword hilt.

[GM] "Take the damned thing... Take it, I say!"

[GM] He holds his hand out.

Elona shifts a bit, hoping to gain a clearer view of the object offered across the table.

Pericent pulls out a kerchief and holds it in his hand under the item.

[GM] He releases the pearl. A few grains of some sort of grey powder fall onto the kerchief as well.

Magni extends his other hand to his chest, performing what could be considered an alternate salute

[Pericent] "Let me put this bluntly... you are a Pharesian. You do not give things away. What is wrong with it?"

[GM] Caibal coughs then, roughly, as though gripped by a shaking hand.

[GM] Several teeth fly from his mouth, landing on the table.

Elona starts..

Magni grips his hilt

Pericent jumps back a bit, and then leans forward, looking at the man's face through the cloths.

[Magni] "Something....wrong"

Elona rises from the shadows and approaches the table, a swish of mothsilk accompanying her movements..

[GM] Looking more closely, you can see that the half of the face that was hidden... it appears to have sloughed away.

Magni slides his seat back some

[GM] The hidden portion of his face hangs loosely like a candle left to burn too long.

Elona moves swiftly, but cautiously to stand near the suffering man.

Pericent covers his mouth again with his hand, trying not to gag, and stands up from the table, looking into the kerchief-wrapped pearl in his hand.

[GM] You see a woman approaching Caibal.

Magni stares at Pericent, as if asking what to do now.

[GM] Caibal seems to be whispering something to himself, almost like a prayer.

[GM] He pushes himself back from the table, his chair tilting dangerously back.

[Pericent] "Caibal! What has happened to you!?"

[GM] "I'm in Hell... let me go!"

Elona speaks softly to Caibal.. "Man, where did you get that object?"

[Magni] "He"

[Pericent] "... can we help you, madam?"

[GM] Caibal looks up at the soft woman's face, his hoods falling back to reveal his ravaged skull.

Elona shifts her gaze slightly to Pericent.. "I think not.. but I might be of aid to this poor soul if he allows it?"

Pericent gasps.

Magni tries to keep a composed face

[GM] What little hair remains hangs in clumps. Most of his flesh is as thin as tissue, and in many places as torn clean away from the bone beneath.

[Magni] "Give him room!"

[Elona] "I believe this man is cursed by witchcraft.."

[GM] Caibal whispers to Elona "Oh god... make them stop! I don't have the Eye of Mordante anymore... make them stop it!"

[Magni] "Sorcery....*growl* magic...I hate magic!"

[TipBot] Pericent : (1d20-5) -1

[Elona] "Will you allow me to help you if I can, sir? My skill is but poor but perhaps I might offer some relief?"

Pericent looks puzzled for a minute, staring at the woman, but then shakes his head and looks at the Pharesian again, gasping in horror.

[Magni] "He is dying, maybe he wants to die?"

[GM] Caibal struggles to rise from the chair, and begins to fall to the floor as though in slow motion.

[GM] "Make it stop! The PAIN..."

[GM] (Does anyone try to catch him as he falls?)

Magni will try

[Pericent] "Can you help him? I don't know anything about witchery."

[GM] Magni: Roll a dex check. ( That's 1d20 + (dex x2) )

[TipBot] Magni : (1d20+4) 23

[GM] You catch Caibal, and beneath his clothing you can feel your fingers sink through flesh, cracking bone, and turning organs to powder.

Magni lays him down on the table he was sitting at

[GM] The Zandir calls out from across the room "You people! You kill!"

[GM] He turns and runs out the door.

[Magni] "Damn fool."

[Pericent] "You'd best help him quickly, if you can. I expect a throng of blue aeriad to come crashing through those doors in a few minutes, and I don't plan to be here to welcome them."

Elona seems lost inside herself for a moment as she gathers some tatters of mothsilk, rubbing them between her fingers while seemingly whispering softly as she directs her staff toward Caibal.

[GM] Laying on the table, you can see rivulets of powered flesh falling loose from his clothing, as though he were decaying to dust before your very eyes.

[Magni] "The only help I can offer him is a blade to the head."

[TipBot] Elona : (1d20+2) 7

[GM] Elonas magic seems to have no effect.

Elona collapses in horror.. "I seem to have failed in my effort to aid him.."

[Magni] "I don't think we can offer help. I suggest we flee."

Pericent sighs, and walks over to Caibal, and begins tracing an elaborate rune before him in the air. Little lines of energy seem to follow his fingers as they dart gracefully through the air.

[GM] He shoots a hand up, catches the fold of Pericent's spangalor robe. With suprising strength he pulls himself up a few inches and spits out the following words around a tongue half-rotted away "The Dancers in the Night! They're coming!"

Pericent 's rune is disrupted as he jumps through it. "Who are they? What can we do to help you?"

[Elona] "I, too, would be interested to know.. This object he gave so freely might have something to do with it.."

[GM] He gasps again, falling back to the table. The heavy impact accelerates the decomposition, and he gasps one last time as his face falls apart, spilling onto the table and the floor at your feet.

Elona weeps openly as she sees the destruction of a living being so callously displayed..

[Pericent] "We have more pressing matters, now. We're all, including you, madam, pegged as killers. Let us flee Cymril with all haste."

[Magni] "It won't be easy."

Pericent smiles roguishly. "It never is, friend. It never is."

[Elona] "Then by all means let us hie forth.. I have little use for authority.."

[Pericent] "I suggest we look for a back way."

[Magni] (how many people are still in the bar?)

[GM] (A dozen... most of whome have no idea what's going on.)

Pericent begins heading toward the back of the bar, through the kitchen, expecting there to be a scullery entrance or something of the sort.

[Magni] "Pericent, go through the back, I'll cause a distraction and get out as quick as I can."

Elona gathers her long cloak about her, concealing the staff in its folds, and follows the stranger..

[GM] Pericent: Behind the bar you find a back door, barred from the inside.

Pericent unbars the door.

Elona stays alert for signs of pursuit.

[GM] The door opens, revealing a tall Sindaran standing there as though awaiting your arrival.

Magni steps back from his table a few paces and takes a steady breath.

Magni shoves his table into the crowd as he makes his get-a-way.

Pericent jumps back, expecting some form of weapon to emerge. "What do you want!"

Elona slides back into the shadows beside the door.

[GM] "It's about time. I had begun to think your hesitation would prove the undoing of the entire affair. There is little time for explanations... you must come with me!"

Magni approaches Pericent and the two strangers

[Magni] "Who are you?!"

Pericent looks at the woman and the Gnomekin with a puzzled look on his face, and then shrugs and follows with all haste.

[GM] He is tall, even for a Sindaran, and wears a patch over one eye. The rest of his garb is viridian and ochre, covering most of his lanky form.

Elona glides out in the wake of the rest, keeping her senses attuned to the rear.

Magni reaches the back door and looks for Pericent and the stranger

[GM] Ignoring the Thrall, he leads you out into the alleyways in the poor quarter of Cymril.

Magni hustles after the group

Elona grabs what concealment this alleyway offers, but attempts to stay close to the others.

[GM] Perhaps a hundred yards he takes you, through damp alleys and piles of refuse that the magical cleaning devices somehow never reach, until he stops at in a nonedescript area, no different from any other that you passed through.

Pericent conceals the spherical black item in a pouch on his belt as he pursues the sindaran.

Magni is still running after the group

[GM] A rope hangs down from the rooftop. With an enigmatic smile he tugs on it.

[GM] A rope ladder descends, unrolling as it comes.

[GM] Holding it with one hand, he gestures for you to climb.

[Pericent] "After you, madam."

Magni finally makes it to Pericent

Elona hangs back a bit, mistrustful of such devices..

[Magni] *Deep, Quick Breaths* "Who is he?"

[GM] The gnomekin says "Will go first, to ensure safety."

Elona smiles almost gratefully at the gnomekin..

[Pericent] "Shhh. All will be revealed later." *under his breath* "I hope."

[GM] The gnomekin scurries up the rope ladder as though walking up stairs.

[Magni] "I should climb next, to ensure safety."

[GM] "Come, it is safe!" he calls.

Magni climbs

Elona gathers her robe more securely about the haft of her staff, engaging some device with a click, then grasps the rope ladder and climbs..

[GM] As you reach the level of the roof, you realize that the rope ladder continues up past the roof, rising into the air and over the edge of a small windship, floating there in the starlight like some improbably child's kite.

Pericent makes sure his pouch is secure, and, handing his staff up to someone above, climbs the rope ladder.

[GM] improbable

Magni looks down at Pericent and the stranger and shrugs

Magni scans the streets for any odd behavior and/or people grouping

Elona hesitates but a moment as the roof level passes behind her, climbing up to the deck above her..

Pericent shrugs and hops onto the ladder. "I expect we're supposed to go all the way up." He then continues climbing.

[GM] Once you are all aboard, the sindaran tugs on the rope once more.

[GM] The rope ladder rises, curling upon itself until it is once again on the deck, neatly tucked away. No human hand touched it during this time.

Pericent examines the ship, appraising its size.

Magni stares around his sorrounings.

[GM] It's about fifty feet from stem to stern, with a proud aftcastle and two masts. Without further guidance, the ship begins to move through the air.

Elona watches this ladder's gyrations with mere curiosity..

Magni mutters and shakes his head

Pericent looks about for his Sindaran... captor, for lack of a better word.

Elona then reaches among the folds of her cloak to release her staff with a quiet snick..

[GM] The Sindaran never climbed up.

[GM] Gaining altitude, the windship glides through the night air in silence.

Pericent looks about for *anyone*.

[GM] Other than the four of you, the ship appears to be deserted.

Pericent walks about the ship, shouting "Hello!? Helloooooo! Is anyone aboard?! Would someone like to explain this to me?!"

Magni casually reaches over and grabs Pericent's shoulder.

[Magni] "Tell me friend, where are we?"

Elona takes station at the ship's rail, holding lightly to it with her free hand.

[GM] You're heading north.

[Pericent] "Good question, old bean."

Pericent sighs, and pulls out the object from his pouch that all this fuss seems to be about.

[Magni] "Well, I'm going to explore. Could be a trap, ambush........"

Elona edges closer to Pericent, trying her best to make out what he holds in his hand..

Magni goes looking for any storage rooms/etc.

Pericent puts the pearl away when he notices her scrutiny.

[Pericent] "So, madam, we haven't been properly introduced. I am Pericent Maxiven, master of all things arcane and procurer of wondrous and mystic artifacts and relics. And you would be?"

[GM] Magni: There are quarters below decks... enough for twenty soldiers, you estimate.

[Elona] "Oh, forgive my rudeness.. I am called Elona.."

Pericent takes the lady's hand and kisses it, gently. "Pleased to make your acquaintance."

Elona removes her hand from his grasp as quickly as would be possible and blushes profusely pink..

[GM] Magni: You find a letter, written in large, flowing script. It was posted on one of the doors in a very obvious location.

Magni attempts to read it

[GM] Magni: The letter reads "Greetings, travelers. Forgive my abrupt manners and rest assured they were necessary. If you are reading this, then you are undoubtedly on your journey away from Cymril even now. If my estimations are correct, you should be able to avoid the dangers which lurk about you even now. I will not reveal my name to you at this time, for the powers at work here may use such against me. Rest assured that I have your best interests at heart, or at least the best interests of the Kingdoms, which sould suffice for you. There are several parties interested in the bauble you now hold. Dark Dhuna, Rajan priests of Death, and worst of all... my brother. I send you now beyond the reach of the last, away from the second, but into the arms of the first. Forgive me, but this was the only way. You head now towards Mordante's Deep, where with luck you will uncover more than I can say here in writing. I wish you good luck, for the dangers you approach are great. A final word of warning... do not trust the Dhuna."

[GM] The letter is signed "-S"

[Pericent] "So... what brought you to Cymril? It seems hardly just chance."

[Elona] "Actually, I came in pursuit of an object stolen from a shrine.. Twould seem that object is now lost to us forever.."

Elona sighs in defeat..

[Pericent] "Is it... the Eye of Mordante?"

[Elona] "Nay, sir.. Twas a skull of little value to most.. The black pearl served it for an eye, but twas not Mordante's skull.."

[Pericent] "Ah, I see. What sort of function did this object have?"

[Elona] "Twas merely a relic.. A symbol of faith in a shrine.. I know not what purpose it served.."

[Elona] "However, I do not believe that poor unfortunate who had it in his possession was the true thief.."

[Pericent] "What about the eye? Do you know about the eye? And have you any idea what happened to that Pharesian?"

[Elona] "I have an inkling.. I tracked a Dark Dhuna to this vicinity, hoping to recover our sacred relic intact.. I have failed in that task twould seem, sir."

Elona sighs again, clearly disappointed.

Pericent pulls out the small, shriveled object concealed in the kerchief in his pouch, careful not to touch it.

[Pericent] "Is this the eye you spoke of?"

Magni nods to himself and runs up to the deck to Pericent.

[Magni] "Pericent! I found something!"

Pericent turns his head toward the thrall. "What is it, Magni?"

[Magni] "A note."

Magni leads Pericent to where the note is.

[Magni] "Says we are going into the arms of danger! Do not trust the Dhuna!"

[Pericent] "Let me read it."

Pericent reads through the note.

[Pericent] "Oh, my. This is.... quite troubling."

Magni cracks his fingers

[Magni] "We need to prepare."

[TipBot] Pericent : (1d20-1) 16

Pericent brainstorms, trying to remember everything in his training about the Rajan.

[Pericent] "From what I can remember, the Rajan are a cult of death worshippers. Which means that this should be a fun adventure indeed. Yippee skidoodah."

Pericent turns to Elona. "Do you know anything about Rajanistan?"

[Elona] "I cannot say that I have ever been to Rajanistan.. Why do you ask, sir?"

[Pericent] "According to this note, we're headed there."

[Elona] "Indeed? May I see it?"

Pericent hands the note to Elona.

Elona peruses the note, then rereads the last statement in disbelief..

[Elona] "Why not trust me? This I don't understand.."

[Pericent] "All of this seems very confusing. Right now I trust you considerably more than I trust a sindaran who sends us into the depths of Rajanistan."

[TipBot] Pericent : (1d20+4) 20

Pericent stops for a moment, trying to remember his History of Magic lessons at the Lycaeum, thinking of Mordante.

[Elona] "For that I thank you, sir.. If we are indeed headed there, I believe we may need all our strengths to survive the journey, much less our arrival at the final destination.."

Magni grabs Pericent

[Magni] "Thrall do not put up easy fight. We need maps and such."

[Pericent] "If you can find some maps, that would be great, Magni."

Magni mutters

Magni walks around the ship looking for a storage room of some kind

[GM] Magni: There are barrels that, when opened, reveal various rations, dried meats, clean water, etc.

[Pericent] "Just great. So we're headed to the former home of a suspected Torquaranian reincarnator. We don't have to worry about Rajanistan, at least. We're headed north, near Khazad, to his castle."

[Pericent] "According to this letter, at least."

[Magni] "I found rations, food, water, basic supplies."

[Pericent] "The only thing to make this better news would be if he was still alive, my father, and a tiny demon about to burst out of my chest."

[Magni] "Well, do you want my view on it?"

[Pericent] "Why, why, why did I listen to that Sindaran?" *wanders off, oblivious*

[Pericent] "Hmm, oh, did you say something?"

Magni shouts

[Magni] "Pay attention! Now, we will loose element of suprise, you know that right?"

Elona watches the conversation between the others with vague interest, turning over in her mind all that has transpired to bring her to this point.

Pericent looks at the Thrall as though a large tree had begun to grow out of his left nostril. "Element of surprise? I think we're pretty well along for this ride, and whoever controls this ship knows what's going on."

[Magni] "Well, I've got better things to do than wait like I'm helpless. Tell that stranger that I said hello and and tell her my name, I'm going to work out and train some..."

[Pericent] "Okay. You said you found food?"

Magni walks into one of the rooms and clears sufficient space

Magni turns his head around

[Magni] "Yep. And water"

[Pericent] "Where?"

[Magni] "Storage Room"

[Pericent] "Which is... where?"

Magni shows Pericent where the storage room is.

Pericent procures some basic provisions and a waterskin and walks out to the deck where Elona stands, and offers her some.

Elona accepts the provender gratefully, but doesn't seem in need of either at the moment, so she stores them among her pouches..

[Elona] "Most kind of you, sir.."

Pericent nods to the lady.

[GM] The ship sails on into the night.

Elona returns to her reverie, seemingly lost in her own thoughts.

[Pericent] "Are you sure that you don't know what this was used for?" *pulling out the eye*

Elona shakes her head vaguely in the negative and returns to thought.

Pericent sighs and takes a comfortable seat on the deck, enjoying the breeze, and pulls out his iron-shod staff.

Now we turn our attention east and northward, to the Plains of Golarin, where a traveling Ariane Druas (known as Aurora, to some) is about to come across Minorn the Mirin and his doomed allies. Minorn is on a mission to track down his former commanding officier in the Mirin Army who appears to have joined the Rasmirin Anarchists, sabotaging his command and fleeing south and west. As Minorn and his Mirin companions approached the campsite an ambush was sprung... half a dozen demons!

[GM] Far to the east, in the wind-swept plains of Golarin, a mirin hunting party is ambushed.

[GM] Aurora: You are riding along through the Plains of Golarin, recalling the adventure amid the crystal ruins a few days ago. Listening to the voices in the wind, you have avoided the Beastmen and other predators... but now something terrible reaches your ears.

Aurora comes to a halt and listens intently

[GM] The wind-spirits speak of terrible events... fiends from Cthonia, beyond the veil of death, avid for destruction.

[GM] Their existance here is anathema to all life... and they are feeding upon strangers to the land even now. Not far from where you ride.

Aurora urges her silvermane quietly toward the area

[GM] Minorn: You and your companions stand back to back, but the three demons are potent adversaries. One of your comrads has already fallen, ripped apart amid screams of delight.

Minorn stands with his weapon ready, prepared to fight.

Minorn lashes out at one of the demons

Aurora meditates intensely, then casts a banishing spell

[TipBot] Aurora : (d20+7) 16

[GM] Riding over a ridge comes a woman dressed in white, astride a silvery steed.

[GM] As the mirin bleed and die, one of the demons turns at the newcomer, eyes afire.

[GM] As it leaps at her, it fades and disapears like a fading dream. The woman staggers under the psychic impact of the banishment.

Minorn tries to strike the distracted demon.

[GM] (She banished that one, but your blow strikes the one nearby, cleaving it's nightmarish skull.)

Minorn cheers as at the impact.

[GM] By the end of the battle, the last demon stands against Minorn and the dark-skinned stranger. The rest of the fiends lie scattered across the ground, their bodies turned to ash upon death. The mirin are not so lucky, their deaths leaving gruesome reminders of mortality.

Minorn looks at the bodies of his fallen comrades and says 'Your deaths will not go unpunished'.

[GM] The last demon hisses "This is not the end, Minorn. Our minions gather strength in Mordante's Deep even now." He speaks with the voice of your former commanding officer.

[GM] The combined blows of lightning (from the dark-skinned woman) and your enchanted adamant sword finish the demon.

Minorn says 'Now I know where to find him'.

Aurora sighs with deep regret for the lost Mirin

[Minorn] 'Thanks for the help, if it weren't for you I would be dead now as well'

Pericent then begins tracing his finger along the shaft, a faint blue glow following along the surface of the staff.

Aurora says, "No thanks are necessary, I just wish I could've aided you with more strength."

Magni is following his grueling workout schedule, having not been seen for some time, wishing to perform undisturbed.

'My name is Minorn'

"Among those who do not know me, I am called Aurora."

Minorn says 'We were ambushed while looking for a criminal from L'Haan.'

Aurora asks, "May I accompany you in your search? I would welcome the chance to learn more of the world."

Minorn says 'I would appreciate all the help I can get.'

Minorn says 'I can't take the time to return to L'haan, the leads that I have might grow cold.'

Aurora says, "What help I can provide is yours. Where shall we search? "

Minorn says 'I must deal with my friends'

Aurora asks, "Are there rites to be performed? Or duties?"

Minorn says 'I will send them back to L'haan, their snowmanes know the way'

Minorn says 'The servants of Borean will do what is needed'

Aurora says, "Shall I help you prepare them for their journey?"

[GM] It is a grisly duty, and the evening turns to night before it is done, but eventually you gather the bodies of your fallen companions and secure them on their steeds.

Minorn says 'Could you help me attach them to the snowmanes?'

Minorn points out which mount belongs to which fallen warrior

Aurora says, "I would gladly help to honor your brave comrades"

[GM] Seven moons shine down upon your labor, illuminating the night with their chromatic displays.

Minorn says 'Thank you'

Aurora bows head with dignity

[GM] (Roll a perception check, both of you. That's 1d20 + [per x2] )

[TipBot] Aurora : (1d20+4) 19

[TipBot] Minorn : (d20+4) 9

[GM] Aurora: You detect the glimmer of black diamonds in the blood-encrusted ground.

[GM] The heart of demons, once slain, turn to this rarest of minerals.

Aurora stoops and carefully picks up a diamond

Minorn asks 'What do you have there?'

[GM] Now that you see them, you find that there are several of them... five in all.

Aurora gathers the rest of the diamonds and gazes at them as if to see what lies hidden in their mysterious depths.

[GM] --------Fini for tonight---------