Here I will post some of the new adventures I run, as well as adventure-ideas that I feel like sharing, campaigns I think would be fun but I don't have the time for, etc.

For starters, let's begin with my first 3rd edition D&D campaign... The Infernal Crystal. I run this game on IRC (Internet Relay Chat), where I get different players each session, though the story continues.

Next let's take a look at another D&D website of mine. This is actually a 1st edition Role Aids module entitled "Lich Lords", published in 1985 by Mayfair Games, Inc. The campaign itself is called "Lich Lords: No Rest For The Wicked". I ran several sessions of this game, but I never completed it, despite the fact that I had scanned all the rooms of all three levels of the dungeon, to make internet-play easier.

To those observant among you, you'll notice that I stole a couple of names from "Lich Lords" when I started running "The Infernal Crystal". Hey, I paid for the module, right?

This is my first 3rd edition world. The Infernal Crystal was the original germ of this idea, and in fact the small map on that page is a tiny square region in the world of Altheron. I'm still working on this site, and it's going to be a big project. I'm hoping to get enough detail on the Altheron website that someone else out there could read it and actually run their own game there.