Twisted Minds

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All the world is a stage, and we are but poor players...

 Akev Te'sul   Player: Chris
Str -1
Dex 0
Con +1
Spd 0
Int +5
Wil +2
Per 0
Cha -3
MR +4
CR -3
Hp 17
Desert survival +1
Arcane Lore +5
Poisions +3
Metaphysical Doctrins +4
Sacrificial Dagger +1

   Heal +6
   Summon +5

   Influence +1
   Illusion +2
   Reveal +6
   Ward +6
   Attack +3
   Defend +3
   Conjure +3
   Alter +3
Sacrificial Dagger
Mage's Robes
A Spell Scroll
Writing implements
Minor artistic implements
150 Lumens
   Driven near to the brink of insanity when his parents disowned him as a child, Akev turned to the dark side of magic for comfort. After establishing himself as a mage, he returned home and slew his parents, raising them as slaves for a period of time. He is completely and totally devoted to one thing, gaining immortality, and he will take any steps necessary to get it. His motivations outside of that are simple, he will gladly do things for profit, and gladly work for the highest bidder, even if it means stabbing someone in the back, he is also motivated by the dark arts, and will go to almost any lengths to attain more knowledge. His two redeeming features is his intelligence and personality, as he won't do evil things at random, and has even been known to do some good from time to time. He doesn't mind being a follower, if necessary, as he knows the limits of his own skills, and believes that only the best available person should do a task. He prefers Cryptomancy over Necromancy, as he dislikes the inferior intelligence of zombies and the like. His main desire in the deadly region that he will enter is the tower of Koraq, where he hopes to find the key to his goal.

 Tar Dallin   Player: Valek'Nor
Str +1
Dex +2
Con +2
Spd +4
Int -1
Wil 0
Per +2
Cha 0
MR -2
CR +4
Hp 30
Forest survival +5
Hunting +5
Climbing +5
Hunting knife +3
Hand axe +3
Bow +4
Spear +5
guard +4
Unarmed Combat +4
Bow(damage rating 6)
Spear(damage rating8)
Hunting Knife(damage rating 4)
Hand Axe(damage rating 6)
Leather armor(armor rating 2)
50 Viridians
   Tar Dallin was born in the city of Vashay, to his father, Rez, and mother, Anna. Raised by only his father, as his mother died in the birth of his younger(by one year) brother Kay Dallin, he was taught the ways of the forest. His brother Kay follwed his father's occupation of foraging, and the hunting of various game. Tar, however, was outraged by the raids of an unknown barbaric culture, who burned several villages and many trees in the south part of vardune. Although the raiders were dispatched easily enough by Lord Viridians warriors, Tar felt as if he could have saved lives, had he been there with his bow, instead of looking for berries. He needed an outlet for his anger, so he trained with a friend of his father, a warrior of Viridian, in the art of the spear, bow, axe, and knife. There were never any more serious raids, but Tar has stood vigilant watch throughout the forest ever since, determined that none shall come to wrongful harm in his woods again. Never in one place too long, He has no house of his own. He lives near Vashay unless on an important hunt, and camps under the stars, keeping company with weary travellers over a bite of rabbit meat from time to time.

 Tamarianis   Player: Pakrat
INT +7
PER +2
STR -1
DEX -1
CON -1
SPD -1
CR -1
MR +2
HP 19
Arcane Lore +3
Astrology +4
Geography +3
Foreign Cultures +5
History +5
Outlands Lore +3
Alchemy +5
Technomancy +2
3 potions:
   Crimson Incendiary Powder
   Healing Potion
   Alchemical Fog
Alchemy Set
Clothing and Gear
Multi-Optic Goggles
Straw hat
Blank book
Bottle of ink
2 pens
'Tool belt'
Technomantic Actuator

    Here’s a note for being noticed in the world...being born to parents who spend more time in labs and on the field...and then having your mother die due to ‘unexplained circumstances’ during an experiment leaves you alone most of your life. Your father didn’t quite know what to do with you, so while he kept you so close you couldn’t associate with others was pretty bad, hid cutting off almost all contact with you except for meals was even worse.

    Spending time reading everything you come upon was a great way to pass the time, but overall you spent your life lonely. You learned to be strong willed...but your dependency on your father didn’t do much to support your independence.

    You manage to fake it a lot, but most of the time you’re you do what you can by trying to adapt yourself to others around you. When with outgoing people, you suddenly volunteer for crazy projects...when with people more reserved, you become meek. Its almost subconscious how you fit your mind into any situation.

    You spent so much time pouring through books, you got sick of reading contradictory you decided to do the one thing nobody would have ever bet money on your doing...going out and living a life.

    You chose Technomancy to study mostly so you could create the friends and companions you never had in childhood, and when one breaks, you take it hard. To you, they’re not simple automations, they’re your friends and family.

    It was hard when you started made some bad choices...some you paid for more than others...but slowly you started to become more self-reliant. It was rather easy when you decided to create a whole new personality as an act you could hide behind. However, you kept getting drawn further and further into the role...and now its hard to tell where one ends and the other begins.

Physical Characteristics:

    Brown hair that is cropped short, usually wears it under a straw hat. While this makes her look like a tomboy, she doesn’t care. She usually wears a short sleeved (although it probably didn’t start out that way) shirt with a leather vest over it (also sleeveless). She has a light tan, showing she’s spent a lot of time out of doors, and the fact that her pants are covered in patches are another sign. Her shoes seem almost...’worn through’...but she’ll explain how she finally managed to ‘break them in’. She seems young...probably not too far out of her teens.... late 20s at best. (Actual age: 27)

 Haj Hirsaad   Player: John_Wayne
Str +1
Dex 0
Con +5
Spd 0
Int +3
Wil +2
Per +1
Cha -4
MR +6
CR -1 (+2)
HP 21
Brawl +3
Survival, Desert +1
Arcane Lore +5
Poisions +3
Metaphysical Doctrins:
   Demons +4
   Church +1
Staff +1

   Enchant +3
   Alter +3
   Attack +4
   Defend +3
   Heal +6
   Summon +5
   Transform +3
   Enchant +3
   Reveal +6
   Ward +6
Sacrificial Dagger
Spell Fetishes:
   Short cord of woven human hair
   Piercing dagger
White and tan robes, simple but very well made
Traveling gear
Spell book and magical paraphernalia
150 gold lumens

   Haj Hirsaad is a man of stark contradictions. He was raised in the fold of the most strict and militant of the Silver Orders of the Cymrillian Church, the Thistrinian Order of warrior mages. So there is some trace of righteousness in his heart, however this pillar is wrapped in an opaque robe of darkness, for Haj Hirsaad is a Black Magician. While his formative years were a lesson in virtue and integrity, his adult life has been a prime example of obscenity and corruption under the tutelage of his mistress Zill'Amir the Grey. It was with her he took the name of Haj Hirsaad; The Harbinger.

   He is also beaten man; he feels he has been betrayed by the Brotherhood, forsaken by the Church and has lived most of his life in the presence of his malevolent spiritual brother, who torments his every waking hour and dominates his sleep. He practices Necromancy not for the power it promises but for the chance that it may rid him of his brother. Haj Hirsaad lives for the days of his freedom, the destruction of the Thistrian Order and the humbling Church of Cymril.

   Who knows how he shall act? Most times there is a stern facade to hide his turmoil, Haj Hirsaad has toiled for years to perfect his control over the storm within. Yet there is always the chance that in battle, or during an unguarded moment that he may loose himself and let the true nature of his tortuous existence bubble to the surface.

 Sir Luke Sarinbo   Player: Belgarion
Str +3
Dex +0
Con +2
Spd +0
Int +0
Will +2
Per -1
Cha +0
CR +3
MR +1
HP 28
Longsword +3
Lance +3
Dagger +3
Shield +4
Longbow +2
Hunting +2
Mounted Combat +3
Metaphysical Doctrines
   The Church +5
Etiquette +4
Heraldry +4

   Heal +4
   Defend +3
   Reveal +2
White laquered plate mail
Heavy War Horse
Silver Cross, holy symbol
A pouch with 80 pentacles
Quiver of 12 arrows

   Sir Luke Sarinbo grew up in the "perfect" family. His dad, Sir Andrew Sarinbo, was a knight of the church, his mother, Lady Ariana, a servant of the church. As Luke grew up, he followed the path of his father, taking up service as a White Knight. As he became more proficient with his weaponry and loyal to the church, he took up his father's position as "Protector of the Silvered Glen." Loyalty to the church has been his core exitance, his prayers considered acts of God. He and his horse, Jess, have just set out on their first adventure away from the church. Luke is searching for the Baron Vilgor, and is to put a halt to his actions. Trained in the use of many weapons, and mounted combat, Luke is a formidable warrior for the Holy Mother. Adorned in his Laquered armor and a navy blue cloak, he sets out to right the wrongs and defend the honor of the church.

   Sir sarinbo has learned through various sources that the actions of Baron Vilgor have finally overspilled into the common church. His cancerous actions are spreading like a disease, he is corrupting members of the holy Church. With the aide of "The Holy Trinity," he is gaining almost as much power as the heads of the Church themselves. "The Silver Light," another faction under the church, has taken steps to stop Vilgor, but it wont be easy.

   From this same source, Luke has learned that Vilgor is seeking something in the Plains of Aamon, something that would give him unbelieveable power. His fist mission failed, and now other persue this same object. Vilgor is in for a hard time, if Luke has anything to do with it.


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